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To find the best DC Auto Insurance, you must first understand what coverage is required by the state, what coverage is recommended, and finally, how to find that coverage for the best price.  This web page will walk you through the basics of finding car insurance in the District of Columbia, and then you can utilize free online search tools. Keep in mind that no one company or policy is right for everyone looking for DC auto insurance.

DC Auto Insurance Minimum Coverage Requirements

Each state (or district in this case) has its own requirements for what coverage must be carried on an automobile and at what limits.  The minimum requirements for the District of Columbia are as follows:

  • Property Damage:  $10,000
  • Bodily Injury/Third Party Liability:  $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence
  • Uninsured Motorist Property Damage:  $5,000 (subject to $200 deductible)
  • Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury:  $25,000 per person and $50,000 per occurrence

DC Auto Insurance Coverage Definitions

Now that you know what the minimum requirements are for your vehicle in DC, let’s define the coverage options.

Property Damage:  This covers property damage to the other vehicle (or other property) affected by an at-fault accident.

Bodily Injury:  This covers medical attention necessary to the passengers of the other vehicle injured in an at-fault accident.

Uninsured BI/PD:  This coverage supplies payment for injuries to passengers for your car or damages to your vehicle when the other vehicle is at-fault and does not have insurance.

Comprehensive:  This covers your vehicle in the instance of “acts of nature” that may include windshield cracks, hail storms, and wind storms. 

Collision:  This covers repairs to your vehicle if you cause the accident. 

DC Auto Insurance Savings

Before we dive into what will save you money on auto insurance in DC, let’s review what will affect the price of your car insurance.

  1. The biggest factor is typically your driving history.  If you have multiple accidents and tickets, you are more likely to have future accidents and tickets and thus you will be charged a higher premium.
  1. consistent history of auto insurance is often a factor in auto insurance.  By maintaining auto insurance over a period of years, you show responsibility to pay your insurance on time.
  1. The type of vehicle on the policy will certainly affect the price of your insurance.  If it requires expensive parts to fix or carries a history of being totaled in accidents, your premium will reflect that.
  1. The amount of driving per week that you do will increase your chances for an accident, thus increasing the price of your policy.  For example, if you report a 30 mile one-way commute daily, your insurance will most likely increase as opposed to a 2 mile commute daily.
  1. Your age will always be a factor in determining the premium for auto insurance.  As a new or an old driver, statistics show that you will be more likely to be involved in an accident.
  1. Location, location, location.  A busy urban setting may be prone to more accidents than a rural and isolated area.

Although you have little control over many of these aspects, it can help you understand your DC car insurance premium much better.  However, there are some discounts offered that can help bring that premium down:

DC Car Insurance Discounts

  • Multi-line discounts:  By combining auto and homeowners, many insurance companies will give a discount on both policies! 

  • Good student discount:  Many insurance companies reward young drivers with GPAs better than 3.0 with a good student discount, which is very good for the parents. 
  • Anti-theft discount:  If your vehicle comes with anti-theft devices (often times will be pulled up through the VIN), many insurance companies apply a small discount to the comprehensive coverage.  Also, sometimes installing extra devices can provide additional discounts, but always check with your company first. 
  • Multi-vehicle:  Combine all vehicles under one policy to receive a discount for carrying them all with the same company. 
  • Good driver discount:  This discount is offered by many companies, and is purely based off your driving record.  Depending on the company, they look back from 3-5 years to see if you are accident or ticket free. 

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